Fall 2021 Staff

Mazana Boerboom – Managing Editor

When Mazana Boerboom is not editing, either at Byline or the University of Montana’s student-run paper the Montana Kaimin, she’s embodying her half-elf warlock persona in a game of Dungeons and Dragons. She’s a fan of all things nerdy, chocolatey and nature-y.

Addie Slanger – Deputy Managing Editor

Addie Slanger is a senior from Helena, Montana, studying journalism and Spanish at UM. Her time in undergrad has instilled her with a true passion for reporting, specifically long-form features and political coverage. She loves storytelling, and enjoys every opportunity to share the experiences of the vastly unique and incredible people she meets. Slanger is interested in law and education policy, and hopes to attend law school in the future.

Gentry Hale – Senior Editor

Gentry Hale is a journalism graduate student who has spent her life bouncing from the slopes of Salt Lake City to the waves of San Diego. Board sports and cereal are all she needs to survive!

McKenna Johnson – Art Director

Art director by day, ninja by night, McKenna Johnson is a Sophomore student at UM majoring in journalism and French. Johnson, born a midwestern cheesehead, likes all things creative and sappy vampire novels.

Andrea Halland – Copy Chief

Andrea Halland is a senior studying journalism and English literature. Her favorite activities include reading with her cat and hiking with her dog. She is the copy chief of Byline and the student-run newspaper, the Montana Kaimin. Her dream is to go into editing, either of news or literature so that she can get paid to read.

Griffen Smith – Deputy Copy Chief, Staff Writer

Griffen Smith is a big time telemark skier from Austin, Texas. When not listening to jazz, he’s likely to be biking around Missoula with no handlebars.

Sarah Mosquera – Photo Editor

Sarah Mosquera hails from Colorado’s Front Range. Uncomfortable with bright lights, the high-altitude sunshine drove her to seek out shadowy, murky realms, such as investigative journalism. She is now a hardened grad student in the University of Montana’s journalism program.

Antonio Ibarra – Photo Editor

Antonio Ibarra was born and raised in Morelos, Mexico for the first part of his life. He moved to Montana in 2007 when he was seven and lived in the Bitterroot Valley for about five years. He is a photojournalist based in Missoula, Montana, and has been shooting photos for almost eight years. Currently he is the multimedia editor of the student-run newspaper the Montana Kaimin and the co-photo editor of Byline. He loves coffee, avocados and tacos al pastor.

Emily Martin – Social Media Editor, Print Designer, Web Designer

Emily Martin is a journalism major with a passion for using social media to communicate important stories to her community. She can often be found on hikes with her dog or watching tv with her cat, usually with a drink from Copper Mountain in her hand.

Mariah Karis – Web Editor, Page Designer, Social Media Producer, Copy Editor

Mariah Karis is a lover of all things design, a mother to 35 plant babies, a constant car-belter of Broadway and Disney soundtracks and a firm believer that you can never have too many lip balms. Karis should really just own stock in Burt’s Bees by this point in her life.

MaKayla O’Neil – Print Designer, Web Designer

MaKayla O’Neil, who cried upon learning about all the tea spilled at the Boston Tea Party, studies journalism and business administration at the UM. O’Neil spends her free time painting pastoral scenes and riding horses.

Gerald (Jerry) Beeks – Staff Writer

Gerald (Jerry) Beeks was born in San Francisco in March 1942. He still flies airplanes, rides motorcycles, works on cars, hunts and fishes, and goes to school. He gets a kick out of learning something new every day, and doesn’t know if he will ever get over it.

Caleb Brinton – Staff Writer

Caleb Brinton, a staff writer at Byline, seems to love snowboarding more than his bones do. However, he loves writing, riding and local tap houses. You can find him at one of these locations easily.

Clarise Larson – Staff Writer

Clarise Larson was born and raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. She is an overprotective mother of her dog, a lover of chocolate croissants and has in fact seen the “Silence of the Lambs.”

Michael Martello – Staff Photographer

Normally found attempting to climb rocks, Michael Martello has a passion for the outdoors and the people who depend on it. His goal in taking photographs is to evoke emotion in his audience and hopefully change perspectives in the minds of his viewers.

Asa Thomas Metcalfe – Staff Writer

Asa Thomas Metcalfe is a travel blogger and short story writer from Vermont. He is currently studying journalism at the University of Montana and hopes to continue a career in magazine journalism. His portfolio can be found by simply Google searching his full name.

Ella Musgrove – Print Designer, Staff Writer

Ella Musgrove, designer extraordinaire, hails from many different places, but her latest city of origin is Denver, Colorado. According to some, she should stop moving. She enjoys all things sweet and will proclaim for all time that she is not a Hufflepuff.

Luke Seymour – Staff Writer

Luke Seymour is a student of journalism at the University of Montana. His passions outside of school include reading, writing and watching movies.

Olivia Swant-Johnson – Staff Writer/Photographer/Graphic Designer

A maker, a mover and a shaker, Olivia Swant-Johnson is always beefing up her obituary. Having studied journalism, creative writing and media art, Swant-Johnson plans to stitch together a meaningful career of storytelling, art making and tattooing. She is a writer and photographer for this edition of Byline.

Zandria DuPuis – Social Media Producer, Copy Editor

Zandria DuPuis is studying journalism and Spanish at the University of Montana. She spends her free time watching “Love Island (UK),” staring at the wall of miniature things at her local Michael’s and drinking espresso.

Kennedy Delap – Staff Photographer

Kennedy Delap is a photographer from North Dakota who came to Montana for the bears. She likes National Parks, good pasta, and standing in front of interesting things.

Joseph Evans – Staff Photographer/Videographer/Social Media Producer

Joseph Evans, is a 19-year-old from Tampa Bay, Florida. As much as he misses the palm trees and ocean breeze, he couldn’t escape the mountains and pine trees of Boise, Idaho, where he grew up. There is nothing he loves more than to chase fish in beautiful places with his fly rod, documenting all his adventures through a lens. He aspires to travel the world and do just that one day: Travel. Fish. Film.

Aston Kinsella – Staff Photographer

Aston Kinsella is a Missoula local and lover of dance and pizza. A very tall fella, he would like everyone to know that, yes, the weather is nice up there.

Collin Kuehn – Staff Photographer

Collin Kuehn is in his last semester at the University of Montana. After graduating, he plans to be a ski bum, ideally for the rest of his life. He loves bluegrass and jam bands, if he ever goes missing, he’s probably on tour somewhere around the country!

Michael Martello – Staff Photographer

Normally found attempting to climb rocks, Michael Martello has a passion for the outdoors and the people who depend on it. His goal in taking photographs is to evoke emotion in his audience and hopefully change perspectives in the minds of his viewers.

Erika Fredrickson – Editor-in-Chief

Erika Fredrickson worked for 10 years as the arts editor for the Missoula Independent, an alt-weekly covering western Montana. She has more than 10 years of experience in long-form reporting and arts and culture writing. In her free time she sings in a rock band and co-produces a crime history podcast called Death in the West about some of the American West’s unsolved intrigues.

Keith Graham – Editor-in-Chief

A transplanted southerner Keith Graham has found Montana to be a great place to run and roam when he is not documenting the ranches, rivers, schools and small towns of this state.

Photos taken by Antonio Ibarra / Sarah Mosquera

Being published in print has a really romantic feel to it. I think just holding that book of stories in your hands and knowing you were part of something so timeless is worth looking forward to.”

– Asa Thomas Metcalfe