Halfway home

Year six of Missoula’s 10-year plan to house its homeless

Story by Keith Szudarski | Staff Writer — Illustrations by Halisia Hubbard

Mussels be dammed

Quagga and zebra mussels could cost tribes millions

Story by Heather Fraley | Senior Editor — Illustrations by Mollie Lemm | Web Editor

“I have to follow the law”

Release of convicted murderer shocks victim’s family

Story by Maggie Dresser | Staff Writer

It happened to #MeToo

Q&A with Denice Rice

Story by LJ Dawson | Staff Writer

Becoming a Dreamer

From Mexico to Missoula, Nereyda Calero’s journey led her to help fellow immigrants

Story by Samantha Weber | Managing Editor — Photos by Gabby Friedlander | Staff Photographer

Foster care by the numbers

Parental drug use overwhelms Montana’s foster care system

Story by Ryan OConnell | Staff Writer — Graphics by Mollie Lemm | Web Editor

Enforcing the law

Opinion | Montana’s legislature must restore funding so FWP can protect our natural resources

Story by Jenny Gessaman | Staff Writer

Locked out

A timeline of Montana’s labor disputes

Story by Hannah Kearse | Staff Writer

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