Confronting the Past​: Recovering from Native American boarding school trauma

Story by Griffen Smith, photos by Antonio Ibarra, with illustration by McKenna Johnson

Promise and Peril​: The potential impacts of universal preschool​

Story by Clarise Larson, photos by Michael Martello and illustration by Ella Musgrove

Public Health Exodus: Local healers leave after divisive legislative session​

Story by Addie Slanger, photos by Joseph Evans, with illustrations by MaKayla O'Neil

No Place to Stay​: The pandemic is pushing people into Montana — and others out​

Intro by Mazana Boerboom, stories by Gerald Beeks and Asa Thomas Metcalfe, with photos by Collin Kuehn

More than Superstition: A haunted prison fosters connection during COVID-19​​

Story by Luke Seymour, photos by Collin Kuehn and Aston Kinsella, with illustration by Mariah Karis